Integrated Operations

The Vision
We define Integrated Operations as a state of operational excellence whereby functional silos are no longer a key barrier to organizational performance. The objective of our service is to deliver a world-class integrated operations structure that fully optimizes the business through collaborative, cross-functional business processes that drive a new standard for decision making.

The Path to Sustainability
Integrated Operations occur inside of a context. The classic industrial model of “command and control” underlying traditional management practice is not sustainable in the 21st century. Advancements in decision architecture design and information technology—together with shifting human capital demands—provide executives an unprecedented opportunity to put in place a new foundation and support structure. This architecture must be one that creates the context for integrated operations and optimization—and long-term sustainability.

To achieve maximum fitness, this foundation and structure must be agile, innovative and resilient. It must facilitate the merger of integrated operations, distributed decision rights and an enlightened culture. It is a dynamic transformation, not a static view of an organization. This structure is called “Sense & Respond”.

Our Approach
Our approach is unique. We believe Integrated Operations is a critical step on the path to sustainability and is achieved through a new business environment we call Sense & Respond. Our services cover all of the required architectural layers in our model and are flexible to the needs of each organization. Most importantly, we have a strong suite of transformation methodologies and tools to ensure effective implementation.

Our experts can help you with:

  • Strategy and Visioning
  • Sense and Respond Business Models
  • Capability Definition and Design Across Asset Life Cycle
  • Roadmap and Project Architecture
  • Integrated Project Management and Execution
  • Governance Structures
  • Decision Architectures
  • Knowledge Process Architecture
  • Foundational Components (i.e. Information Systems)
  • Collaboration Support Centers and other Advanced Technologies
  • Communication Plans and Structures

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